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VB Beauty Pulsaderm Buddy - Lavender

$27.60 $69.00

6 Piece Kit

Introducing the Pulsaderm Buddy. The revolutionary new travel facial cleansing brush.

This brush moves at 10,000 times per minute by using 3D pulsation. It does not spin or vibrate. The pulsation applies sonic micro-pulses to your skin to gently break away makeup, dirt and oil. Unlike oscilation, this brush does not pinch or pull on your skin. The revolutionary pulsation does not just simply rotate like other spinning brushes on the market.

So why is this brush better than just using your own hands?
It removes, dirt, impurities and oil from the skin better than manual cleansing. After using the Pulsaderm Buddy you will notive an increase in the absorption of your favorite skin care products. It helps fight black heads and blemishes. The water resistant brush will also help gently exfoliate your skin revealing much softer clearer skin.

Product Features
Brush Head: 2 replaceable brush heads with a concave form to maximize skin cleansing
Handle: ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable fit
On/Off Buttons: turn the brush on/off
Up/Down Buttons: adjust the pulsaderm to desired speed
AC and USB Charging: quick and easy recharging via AC or an USB adapter
Water Resistant: designed for use in the shower
Concave Brush Head: to cleanse those hard to reach contours around your nose, eyes and mouth without splashing

Step 1: Dampen your face and brush head before use.
Step 2: Apply favorite cleansing product to your face.
Step 3: Choose the appropriate speed of the brush and gently apply to your face.
Step 4: Move around your face as desired avoiding the sensitive under eye area.
The pulsaderm may also be used on the neck area and décolleté.
Always remember to remove your brush head to properly clean after use and air dry. Replace your brush heads every 2-3 months.

Weight (lbs) 0.9875
Brand VB Beauty
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