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Puristics Light Days Pantiliners - 100% Natural Cotton


30 ct

Made with 100% natural, breathable cotton. Standard absorbency tests prove that our pads absorb as well as, and in most cases better than, standard absorbency ranges for conventional pads and pantiliners. And they do so naturally, without any harsh chemicals or synthetics. Experience the difference in comfort and protection for yourself.

• 100% natural cotton cover and core breathable, hypoallergenic and perfume free
• no chemicals, rayon or synthetic material
• chlorine and dioxin free cotton to reduce the risk of irritation

To Use: Peel middle adhesive strip off back of pad and center pad on panties.
To Dispose: Wrap pad in paper and discard properly. Do not flush.
Read and follow label directions.

Cover and core: 100% natural cotton, chlorine and dioxin free

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