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FOREO LUNA - Ultra-Sensitive Skin


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FOREO LUNA Facial Cleansing: Revolutionary Anti-Aging System!

For normal and ultra sensitive skin, askderm.com presents FOREO products. The FOREO for sensitive skin system is formulated with anti-aging properties to activate the skin’s natural potential for a bright and radiant complexion. All it takes is two minutes of use twice a day, and the skin’s blood flow is improved up to 450%. As a result, this advanced facial care system eliminates signs of aging and restores naturally beautiful skin.

Through this FOREO LUNA product, cell renewal is boosted and dark circles around the eyes are reduced. FOREO for sensitive skin also softens the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes by relaxing facial muscle tension.

The LUNA Ultra Sensitive Skin system features rounded, soft touch points that glide across the face in a manner that meets individual skincare needs.

FOREO for Sensitive Skin Additional Benefits Include:

• Removal of dead skin cells
• Opened and cleaned pores
• Retained skin moisture
• Non-abrasive cleansing
• Restoration of youthful looking skin

T-Sonic Technology
The FOREO LUNA features transdermal sonic pulsing technology (T-SONIC) that stimulates the flow of blood beneath the surface of the skin. Up to 8,000 pulsations are directed every minute, not only stimulating blood flow, but also expelling pollutants and cleansing the face effectively and gently. The pulsations consist of hygienic and nonabrasive waves of silicone. When dirt, makeup reside, oil, and other pollutants are driven away, pores are able to breathe again and the skin is revitalized. In low-frequency mode, the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles is lessened.

You can expect a deep, gentle cleansing process with the FOREO for Sensitive Skin system, without the harsh pulling and twisting that is seen by many of today’s sonic brushes. The natural glow of the skin is restored thanks to the T-Sonic pulsations.

Dampen your face and apply your favorite cleanser to your skin directly or on your dampened LUNA.
Turn on (center button) and adjust the intensity by pressing the -/+ buttons.
The device will pause and the light will flash every 15 seconds, this is indicating that it is time to move to another section of your face.
Cleanse your full face for a total of 2 minutes.
After the 2 minutes, press the center button to put the device on "Standby" and rinse your face and device.
Press the center button to now turn on the "Anti-Aging" Mode. Press your device into your target wrinkle-prone areas with the anti-aging surface (the back of your device). Wrinkle-Prone Areas: Forehead, temple area & deep folds. (Expression line areas, laugh lines, and crows feet!)
The "How-To" on your LUNA buttons:
1. Press the center button once to turn on your LUNA. When activated, it will be in Cleansing Mode.
2. Press the center button a second time to put the device on Standby (on Standby, pulsations will stop, giving you the chance to rinse your face).
3. Press the center button a third time to activate the Anti-Aging Mode.
4. Press the center button a fourth time to deactivate your LUNA.
The intensities of the LUNA’s Cleansing and Anti-Aging Modes are adjustable for comfort using the +/- buttons, with a memory function that will remember your preferences for the next time the device is used.
Note: The LUNA may be locked when first unboxed - unlock it by holding down the + and - buttons. The light will flash to indicate that your device is unlocked. Should you wish to lock your device for travel convenience, follow the same procedure.
Please read manual provided before use and for further directions.

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