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FOREO LUNA Pro - Lavender


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The Revolutionary Anti-Aging And Facial-Cleansing System! Groundbreaking cleansing and anti-aging technology.

Maintain the health and vitality of your skin between your in office beauty treatments. Choose FOREO’s revolutionary NEW facial-cleansing and anti-aging device. Use it at home for just 2 minutes each morning and night for smooth, revitalized skin with a naturally radiant glow.

Experience results you can see:

• Skin appears healthy, clear and luminous
• Puffiness and dark circles are diminished
• Skin’s texture is softened and refined
• Wrinkles and expression lines are visibly lessened
• Skin’s firmness and elasticity are improved

Soft Silicone Brush: Hygienic, nonabrasive and hypoallergenic & never worry again about changing your brush head!

FOREO is the FIRST EVER company to apply the unique properties of silicone - a modern, synthetic material - to sophisticated skincare devices. Nonporous and resistant to the growth of bacteria, silicone offers the utmost hygiene.

The molded silicone brush surface is biocompatible, hypoallergenic and beautifully smooth, FOREO’s cleansing and anti-aging systems are the safest, gentlest and most effective on the market.

The LUNA Pro’s unique 4-zone cleansing brush is organically contoured, with a range of textures that suits any skin type.

Dual T-Sonic Cleansing Technology:

Dual T-Sonic technology refers to superimposed 2-point transdermal sonic pulses in a dynamic wave pattern that shifts constantly across the brush surface. Twin motors generate up to 8,000 intense combined pulsations per minute. This results in stimulated blood flow throughout the skin by up to 450%, enhancing the complexion’s natural glow and flushing away toxins. This technology cleanses deeply yet gently, unclogging pores of oil, dirt and makeup, and clears away dead skin cells.

Lower-Frequency Anti-Aging Pulsations

The LUNA Pro channels a stream of synchronous pulses through a curved silicone surface of concentric ridges, flooding wrinkle-prone areas with tightly focused, gently rejuvenating waves. This relaxes the face’s muscle-tension points, smoothing wrinkles and expression lines. You will also notice boosted blood micro-circulation in wrinkle-prone areas, nourishing the skin with oxygen and nutrients that support the production of collagen and elastin, restoring firmness and elasticity.

We recommend 2 minutes of use both morning and night.
Dampen your face and apply your favorite cleanser to your skin directly or on your dampened LUNA.
Turn on (center button) and adjust the intensity by pressing the -/+ buttons.
The device will pause and the light will flash every 15 seconds, this is indicating that it is time to move to another section of your face.
Cleanse your full face for a total of 2 minutes.
After the 2 minutes, press the center button to put the device on "Standby" and rinse your face and device.
Press the center button to now turn on the "Anti-Aging" Mode. Press your device into your target wrinkle-prone areas with the anti-aging surface (the back of your device). Wrinkle-Prone Areas: Forehead, temple area & deep folds. (Expression line areas, laugh lines, and crows feet!)
The "How-To" on your LUNA Pro buttons:
1. Press the center button once to turn on your LUNA Pro.
When activated, it will be in Cleansing Mode.
2. Press the center button a second time to put the device on Standby. Pulsations will stop, giving you the time to rinse your face.
3. Press the center button a third time to activate the Anti-Aging Mode.
4. Press the center button a fourth time to deactivate your LUNA Pro.
The intensities of the LUNA Pro’s Cleansing and Anti-Aging Modes are
adjustable for comfort using the +/- buttons, with a memory function
that will remember your preferences for the next time the device is used.
Note: The LUNA Pro may be locked when first unboxed - unlock it by holding down the + and - buttons together. The light will flash to indicate that your device is unlocked. Should you wish to lock your device for travel convenience, follow the same procedure.
Please read manual provided before use and for further directions.

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