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Avene Antirougeurs Fort - Relief Concentrate


1.01 fl oz / 30 ml

Intensive treatment exclusively formulated with sapon-enriched Ruscus Extract increases microcirculation, decreases skin reactivity and reduces the appearance of redness associated with rosacea.

• Intermittent redness (flushes)
• Persistent redness
• Dilated, enlarged blood vessels
• Bumps or pimples

• Increases microcirculation
• Decreases skin reactivity, anti-inflammatory
• Reduces heat sensations and irritation
• Improves the appearance of blood vessels
• Decongesting
• Easy application for irritated skin due to its soft, velvety texture
• Needle nose tube for spot application
• Use in monotherapy or as a complement to medical treatments
• Paraben-free, fragrance-free
• Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

Apply to affected areas (cheeks and wings of the nose) as an intensive treatment. Use daily following with Redness Relief Soothing Cream SPF 25 in the daytime.

* Avène Thermal Spring Water (54%)
- Relieves irritation, soothes, cools, calms
* Ruscus Extract (0.3%)
- A vasoconstrictor that improves cutaneous microcirculation with anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic properties (reduces VEGF). Reduces skin reactivity
* Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone
- Protects and strengthens the vascular walls
* Dextran Sulfate
- Provides decongesting properties and minimizes the appearance of swelling

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